The fanfiction have two parts ,this is the first part and the second part is the Rise of the Neglected Naruto so after you finished reading this you can go and read the second part. like an ocean in your eyes (English version of "Passados distantes e futuros grandiosos"). One fateful night, on Naruto's very own birthday, five very drunk chuunin manage to find Naruto. Learned it like the blood that sat at the back of her throat when she bit her tongue to contain the fire inside her. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto only the plot. What if Naruto had a brother and a sister named Menma and Nariko? ", Sai: (introduction) "I'm Sai, no last name. Raiuto Namikaze: Looks like Naruto but has black hair and is evil. Later after Naruto sees Reiny again, he runs to his room and doesn't want to see her while Mikoto and Tsunade are angry about Minato), (they angrily agree while Mikoto goes to comfort Naruto), (Mikoto hugs Naruto in comfort. Ever since that smoking idiot left you, you became a feminist but it's turning you into a mean person. Find out in Growing up with a demon fox stuck inside of him, he is neglected and imprisoned by his family with the exception of his older siblings Arashi and Reiny Uzumaki and his younger sister Natsumi Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. That would mean coming out and losing a best friend. ", Mai: (introduction) "My name is Mai Uchiha. EDITING I realize my life is bad because of you. Hair too bright. PLEASE DON'T READ. ", Prompt: I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen but as the years wasted on nothing ever did unless I caused it. I promised Danzo that you would let the boy to attend that school. Not even he nor I know. What would happen when Naruto found the power that comes with the bloodline? They are being tortured by Ibiki and Anko. The Power to Heal and Destroy by Phoenixsun. He couldn't stand to listen about how Menma was such a great child, and how he was a screw-up! Featuring . After a few years, Orochimaru sta Naruto? They perform high ranking missions such as assassination and torture. Her dream is to be better than brother and have him killed so she can be popular. #1 in "Neglect" (As of 09/05/2018) Hanabi frowns because she's with Kiba after hearing what he did to Hinata. Naruto Neglected: Surviving Being Neglected A chance at rebirth. Possibly of the robotic veriety.maybe two formsmaybe. He is the protector of the forest, he lives there with all the animals and foxes as well as his guardian, the kyuubi. Others join them later, and finally, they might just save the world from the Otsutsukis too, (*as a hobby). I will always Meeting the Nine Tailed fox introduces a new option for fun therapy. He's scorned by the villagers, has no friends or family. *Wha Naruto was born a male and where a world is filled with only girls that have Chakra and Males are used as slaves or butlers for high rankers. Everyone Hates him Including his Two S "Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" What if not only Kurama was sealed into Naruto when he was born? The older brother of Naruto. (she smirks at Naruto, who groans since she is older than him but he still holds her hand and smiles, ignoring a jealous glare from Mai) I like his precious people. Its just hed thought, given his fight against Neji and then his confrontation with Gaara, that someone would finally really acknowledge what hed done. One seen as a demon and neglected by his family, the other, his clan has high expectations for him and sees him as nothing more than a tool. He might just get everything he ever wanted, and everything he never knew he needed. He still doesn't trust her. My little prince of eddies and leaves.. What if they find keys that open to different dimensions? However, Jirayia drags him back and Reiny does her best to make it up to him. ", Satsumi: (also angry) "How could you forsake your son. He can answer any Naruto has been neglected most of his life by his parents and village for his younger siblings for a reason he doesn't fully understand, until he begins to train, that is. Naruto couldn't regret it. For, buried within the confines of his mind were memories of a life he hadn't lived. "Worship the Lady in Black and she'll give you powers beyond imagination, boy. The other older sister of Naruto and absolutely hates him for no reason. There is no freedom in being a shinobi! The boy spat, his cerulean gaze enraged as he glared ahead. Later, Tsunade comes to Naruto with good news), (Haku arrives and they hug each other, much to Tsunade's happiness. This fanfic is not finished . (then she heals his cheek and was curious) Naruto, why did she slapped you? I love my brothers. (this earned her a glare from Naruto but she ignored it) My goal is to bring my children back to the Namikaze clan and see the greater good for the village. During the fight at the Forest of Death, after witnessing the bond between Naruto and Sasuke, Orochimaru makes a small change to the Five Pronged Seal. He goes to Sand, putting the past behind him. ", Kushina: (introduction) "My name is Kushina Namikaze. P.S the Naruto finally found someone to be with. He didn't expect the storm, or to get lost so deep in the woods. Please consider turning it on! ', Hinata (thought): (also angry) 'That's right, I was told everything. ", Naruto: (sad) "It's not fair. It's his fault that I'm a slave. He wanted them to see his worth. When you feel slighted by everyone around you, you will try to escape it, even if it hurts you, even if you still wish for everything to be good again. not the story. ", Hayate: (angry) "How dare you demand things from Naruto. I want you demoted to Chunin and sentenced to D rank missions. The village all ways hated the kid and looked at Naruto with hate and anger but never done anything more. She was the kindest person he had ever met. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze grew up being hated, despised, beaten, and abused all because of what he held within him. She was the supposed 'Child of the Prophecy' and the hero of Konoha for keeping the Kyuubi at bay. As the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, Konohagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Hokage, of which there have been seven in its history. Sasuke lives in a perfect house with his perfect family and his es Naru was always neglected. He is intelligent and knows what's goin on around him, furthermore he possesses a power never before seen in the ninja world. He's not picking either side no He'll choose another destiny while also kicking everyone's ass. Just like Raiuto, Tobi also manipulates people and abuses them. Becomes Itachi's best friend. If you disobey the contract I will hunt you down. Naruto learned hate young. The Red-eyes Fox *Discontinued* 55.4K 1.7K 32 He goes to a prestigious high school in Japan for the rich, the school he was invited to join because of his excellent academic results. Dirty, Little, Traitor [Scaramouche x Reader As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors Naruto Neglected: Surviving Being Negelated. (Y/n) can only call Naruto her family they have been through EVERYTHING together, all the abuse and [Up for adoption!] what if naruto has a twin sister? ", Reiny: (upset) "Naruto, I love you. My greatest rival is Naruto Uzumaki Senju. Naruto was wet, hungry, and convinced he was going to die when he stumbled into Morana, a witch who practiced 'dark' magic. He was trained by them and became an ANBU worked under Mina What if Naruto's parents were alive and Naruto had a twin sister and younger sister? AKA the fic where Naruto meets the Nine Tails early and they can communicate--they just have nothing nice to say to each other. Their sensei is Kurenai Yuhi. Also I'm broke. what if he was tortured, abused and raped by the villagers? 1.2M 35.3K 32. NO GOD MODE! Overpowered Naruto I have no family. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Naruto has a twin sister named Mito and she is loved by all unlike Naruto who has the nine-tails sealed inside him. Yaoi Mpreg. At least not in this lifetime. I dislike my sister Mito, my parents, and child abandonors. He is the eldest sibling of the Uzumaki-Namikaze kids and is Naruto's most hated enemy. What will happen due to these unexpected turn of events. More importantly why was everything so wrong in this new parallel wor Just outside the border of Konoha was a forest were a boy of 12 lived. ", Kiba: (smirking) "Oh yeah, when I'm thorough with you and Naruto, Hinata will be my b***h.", Sasuke: (serious) "Naruto asked me to do this and he told me how you tried to seduce my sister Satsumi. I hereby declare Arashi and Reiny Uzumaki as the heirs of the Uzumaki clan. For the next seven years, Naruto trained under the tutelage of Chiriku. You need to stop. Well, that's what the villagers and ninja of Konoha think of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze the son of their last two heroes. We follow our destiny like a loyal dog following its owner. I wanted to protect you. He was always bullied whether it be when he was younger or in high school. what if minato and kushina is alive? I do not own and am not affiliated with Naru UNEDITED: sucky writing and such, and a lot of confusing parts. I dislike demons. Later when Naruto is slapped by Kushina for "lying", Reiny sees this and angrily pushes her mother away), (she walks out the door before Kushina could stop her. (Transformers/Harry Potter/Naruto/Walking Dead) m/m manageable harem soulmatesNaruto Uzumaki, Someone who is always surprising others, has finally surprised himself. I blackmailed Minato into arresting them and they confessed to abusing Naruto. Naruto then disappears for a full week, before returning to the Leaf Village, goals a bit different than before. Ill be right here now How will Konoha react to the whit "The best shinobi is one who could lie to even himself" wise words they were. He escaped a situation that was determined to keep him down and make sure he stayed there. Neglected for his sister, Naruto learns that the Nine-Tailed Fox's soul is passing on due to lack of chakra. Naruto's parents Minato Namakaze ( fourth hokage/yellow flash) and Kushina Uzamaki ( red habanero) are content on passing down all their techniques to Mito Uzamaki-Namakaze that they pay small amounts attention to Naruto. Secretly though, he trains with Kurama to become strong. First, they take away my dream. ", Naruto: (explaining) "That's a nickname for that selfish, uncaring Jirayia. This is what happens when Naruto is neglected by his family but gets adopted by someone who won't ignore him. Satsumi Uchiha: Looks like Sasuke's female counterpart. When they find out who it is, they are filled with surprise! I love a certain someone, the Kyuubi, and my mother Tsunade. He is hated by the heroes for crossing the line by killing the Uchiha clan and abusing his own brother Naruto. . The other older sister of Sasuke and fan of Naruto but is disliked by him for only liking his clan status and hating her big sister Satsumi. Wrong when the rookie 9 and guy's team hold a fun get together on October 10 (naruto's birthday but they don't know that) aka. ( Orochimaru never became a bad guy. ) I see him as a rival because he starts coming from the same past as I do. Those things that live and thrive in the heart and soul of every Uzumaki who has ever breathed and battled and bled. I have no business doing this but I'm already planning out my next buy so whatever. It was the end of the line for him Having an unrequited crush defined his miserable love life. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze! Then a crying Naruto just goes home while Anko glares at Kurenai before leaving. All he wanted was the comfort of being known by everyone else around him. Will team 7 g What if Naruto had parents? Before his banishment, Naruto is treated like crap by his 'friends'. A mistaken trust leads Naruto to be neglected due to his Jinchuuriki sisters; as time passes Naruto fades from notice of his family and his village. Konohagakure (, Konohagakure no Sato, English TV: "Village Hidden in the Leaves" or "Hidden Leaf Village", literally meaning: Village Hidden by Tree Leaves) is the hidden village of the Land of Fire. Naruto was wounded at birth, officially making him unable to use chakra, barring a miracle. He's got bruises and cuts everywhere. Naruto and his soulmates are basically living forever unless killed. Changes: Naruto 175K 3.6K 19 What if villegers beat him and worship her sisters? Then she offered to let him join her at the temple. I dislike horrible families and my eldest brother. P.s i dont own naruto:). He is hated . I can see all the fears you face More importantly, he couldn't regret it because for the first time since he was thirteen, he could breathe and not feel on edge at being grabbed at any second. No one acknowledged himSo why do they act surprised when he leaves the village one fateful night with Sasuke and promises to destroy Konoha when he's stronger? At first, he is seen as a tragic victim but later, he is revealed to be a monster that pretended to be tragic in order to manipulate people. Part 1 - Chapter 1 - 20.Part 2 - Chapter 21- 28. . Naruto has finally found a place to belong. It's been two years since the Danzo incident. I do not own naruto and probably never will Need to put that out there stupidly enough because someone could definitely think t What if Minato And Kushina was alive? He ends up in Kiri and hits it off with mei. She allowed him into her temple. When she beats them up, I'm gonna laugh. Konoha . A lot of things actually, ", Minato: (introduction) "I'm Minato Namikaze. Hideyoshi Aneko is the last decadent of the Hideyoshi clan, a well hidden powerful clan. Naruto has just opened up the scroll and mastered After the attack from the 9-tailed fox, Konohagakure is left in shambles. The demon Book 1 (she blushes at the thought of him, much to Sasuke and Itachi's sympathy for Naruto) I dislike my baka older sister Satsumi. Best rankings: While pondering the question, they hear a piano playing a beautiful melody and are determined to find out who is playing it. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Naruto grew up to be resented in the village ever since he was born. What if naruto has two sisters - Mito and Naruko? Despite this, he's still his childhood self at heart and has standards like he didn't approve of how his rival treated Shizune and showed complete remorse for having Minoto killed. NO GOD MODE! That beyond Iruka-senseis crushing hug and Kakashi-senseis absent pat, someone would actually notice that hed won against both of them. ", Tsunade: (angry) "I swear Minato's a dead beat. Rewr Due to the beatings of the villagers Naruto meets the kyuubi at the age of 4.Naruto decides to wear a mask in which he is the dead last, prankster and the kyuubi jinchuuriki. Also this is my first story!! Protect him, Kushina prays in the quiet of her own mind as she leaves; pleading silently to the old spirits from her childhood, to the things that the Uzumaki Elders used to whisper about in hushed tones. In his last moments, Kurama asked the Shinigami to repleace him with nine other souls so that Naruto can have a family that will always be there for him. The politics, the brutality, the ambiguity, and the subtexts of it all. Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki have been abused and beaten by the villagers and his family. Raiuto Namikaze: Looks like Naruto but has black hair and is evil. He's orphaned, has no friends and no one to depend on. The King's Harem is actively under construction!! At age 6 Naru became an ANBU leader and her Code na Naruto is a beautiful young man who deals with neglect and abuse from both the village and his family.When he realized that he will never be accepted,he moves out and goes to the academy,even though he is an elite anbu captain that goes by the name 'Red Kitsune' She is always doing as she's told, foll Naruto is a boy who has never known friendship, he had been mistreated by the villagers and treated Y/N is the Guardian of nothingness. Okay bye. Edited up to chapter eleven. ", Mikoto: (also angry) "You and Kushina are no friends of mine. I hate you two. (Kushina and Reiny sheepishly look away, though it didn't stop Naruto's glare but he calmed down) My dream is to become Hokage, get revenge on the Namikaze clan for what they did to me, to stop Raiuto, to marry a certain someone for who they are, and to have people see me for me. A mistaken trust leads Naruto to be neglected due to his Jinchuuriki sisters; as time passes Naruto fades from notice of his family and his village. Will the past become forgotten? But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, away to train with the Kyuubi's chakra while they leave Naruto in the village, and only bad things can come from that. ", Naruto: (scoffs) "Oh please, you don't know anything about me. Naruto ran into a nearby alley to get away from a few drunken Chunin who were chasing him. Little Naruto learns the truth about himself and escapes from Konoha. He's called that because he peeps in the women's bathing room. This is just one of the questions the rookie 10 ask themselves while gathering one day. The concept of "Naruto has sisters whi have the Kyuubi in them so he's neglected" is a guilty pleasure of mine, but every fanfi. I'm not a trophy. neglect good heartbreak +20 more # 13 Naruto : The Cursed One by Haise Sasaki 1.3K 22 4 When Naruto was 6, he became a member of the anbu black ops. No one ever wanted him. ", Reiny: (angry) "Get your hands off him. But his parents never payed attention to him, they only care about his two Another clich godlike naruto story where naruto is feminine a f**k with a seme male harem and is neglected and abused by the villagers and his parents (it kills me to write and read this stuff but it had to be done). This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. The younger sister of Naruto and admires her brother. He's right. Details: Minato-like Naruto, Smart Naruto, some S Naruto Uzumaki the self proclaimed, annoying, orange loving idiot right.? Atlast Oroch What if the Namikaze clan had a special bloodline trait. A story that started with insomnia and drugs. Read on as she discovers true strength and maybe even love. My dream is to help a certain person achieve his goal. Then was put on a Mission to protect Sasuke, undercover. But in his real form he is more confident. (then she turns to Anko) Anko, I'm sorry for what I did. He wanted Naruto to be locked in his room and for him to be married to Reiny for power. he was trained by the three sannin,and maybe the sage of the six path. Enjoy Once the whole Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto, he is the main target of all abuse. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki. All you care about is your child abandoning parents. Naruto is a boy who has been abused by his village. You are no better. His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. Naruto was born with the soul of kyuubi sealed in him and was neglected by his parents and beaten by the villagers and seen as a demon. With the goal in mind to become Hokage and getting acknowledgment but also having fun. Even though Naruto was hated he acted like every thing was okay that he was never a lone and living on his own. He knew who his parent's favorite kid was. Gaara comes to miss his company, and comes up with a plan- a plan to lure Naruto to pledge his loyalties to Suna, where, according to the Sand Siblings, he really belongs. what if naruto's parents never died? What if Naruto enters the Academy like no one expected? Also, he does seem to like sparing his brother Naruto. ", Sasuke: (growling) "What the h**l is Minato's problem? Naruto is gonna be the clan heir of it. For more information, please see our ', Tsunade (thought): (crying) 'My poor Naruto, you got betrayed by your own fellow ninjas and nearly died. Ongoing. So when a certain group approaches with kind hands and a warm welcome, how could he resist? What if he wasn't as young, unskilled, stupid, and brash as everyone thought he was? A chance to change it all. They have hidden their powers in the past centuries not allowing any outsiders in. Everyone hates him. Then they want Reiny to marry me for power. But what happens if one could see through a those and everything falls apart? Reiny: (smiling) "Hey, I'm Reiny Uzumaki. Well I wouldn't call one of them human. Her dream is to get her baby brother Naruto back. "The Child Who is Not Embraced by the Village Will Burn it Down to Feel its Warmth". He then becomes an Anbu after he was done with the villagers hate and abuse. *DISCLAIMER: I do not own "Naruto" or take credit for it. She is in their clan's old home but hasn't come back. his parents survived the kyuubi attack and the nine-tails is still sealed with in naruto. The others were surprised that he understood Naruto's pain. I promise to make it up to you. When his sister did pranks, he was blamed for it and was slapped. 5 year old Naruto leaves Konoha with his close and only friend, Kuruma. Naruto is neglected and one of the best heroes of Konoha but no one knows. The nine tailed demon fox that nearly destroyed the village and killed many people. They were just children when the decisions were made for them. Her dream is to reunite with her older brother and get revenge on her parents for ruining their relationship. They would hunt him down and beat him up to a bloody pulp and leave him to die. You don't what it is like. At his 3rd birthday he was became smart shinobi who was honing his skills to become the best. Minato an Naruto is neglected by everyone including his parents. Cookie Notice what if he was neglected by all but a vew? You are no longer allowed near him. What could go wrong? Watch as Naruto sets out to show Konoha and his family what he can do. Whispers of a voice that isn't his have been in the back of his mind since he was four.A longing for a home that was never his. He gets totured or bad-mouthed by the villages. And although people didn't hate him, they certainly didn't love him. Naruto is a shy little boy in his henge. But I'm more disappointed in you. Okay I'll change this when I feel like it. Kishimoto-sama does. Naruto holds Naruto is not all what he seems. -- Category: Hurt, neglect, comfort, family, and romance. During the fight at the Forest of Death, after witnessing the bond between Naruto and Sasuke, Orochimaru makes a small change to the Five Pronged Seal. (she takes him to her room to keep him safe and goes outside) I'm teaching those jerks a lesson and you're not going to stop me. Mai went next), (Minato, Mito, and Sakura might hate Naruto but they still a little bit feel bad for Naruto because even they wouldn't wish this upon him. When Naruto gets to go on hi Naruto living in the shadow of his parents and sisters is sick of being overlooked. When he was an infant, his sisters tried to feed him to wolves but I saved him and got mad that Minato and Kushina didn't do anything. During the mission something terrible happens as Naruto is wounded badly while a jutsu manages to destroy his eyes. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", (so far everything has been written/drawn/editeed/meddled with/whatever else idfk under the influence. Please consider turning it on! Maybe. However, they were confused by the pervy sage part), (Tsunade glares at Jirayia, who barely cares), (however, Kushina and Reiny scowl at her for wanting to take away their Naruto's innocence but Naruto and Satsumi didn't care and held hands, making Mai even more jealous and Sasuke to smile at his sister's happiness), (this made them sweat drop but Naruto laughs before he looks sad), (later, Minato's team is giving introductions), (this makes Sasuke angry while Itachi secretly scowls in disgust), (Itachi smirks and playfully shakes his head at this while Minato sighs in annoyance because he realizes that Sasuke only cares for Naruto and Itachi. ", Naruto: (angry) "Liar! Later, team placements are told), (Naruto gets upset and runs out of the class room, leaving everyone worried but Mito and Sakura smirk while Sasuke growls at Minato for being a horrible father and Mai is worried about her crush), (Mai was p****d off by that and now hates her sensei but they don't mind Itachi because he was there for Naruto and also hated Minato. He went somewhere that he appreciated and loved him for who he was, no matter the burden he carried, and he returned it with care. He was young, but old enough to understand the emotions directed at him. ", Hiruzen: (still angry) "That's a lie. Luckily, Naruto knows how to hold a grudge. My dream is to bring back my little brother and give him back his birth rights. However, you refused. Naruto has an older sister called Mito and she gets all the love his parents have. and our I like causing trouble for enemies. What if he was a genius, that surpassed even itachi? But love him most of all. What if Konoha betrayed Naruto? Naruto was wet, hungry, and convinced he was going to die when he stumbled into Morana, a witch who practiced 'dark' magic. As Naruto grew up he realized that he was a side character. She was hated by everyone in the village well except by 3 people. Menma soon began to avoid him as well, so Naruto became a recluse, left to watch his parents play with Menma in the backyard. A few minutes later, Reiny returns home with some bloodied fists), (she goes to her room and hugs Naruto as they sleep. The Third and Fourth Hokage are still alive as well as Kushina. Yes. This is what happens because of that decision. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah.