Woah baby | A Friends Fanfiction by Marilyn (May not update books) 8.1K 87 7 Zaramilla Mariana Jayne Pritchard (Zoey Deutch) is a single mother.One day as she walks into the Hospital pregnant and in labor she meets a kind man who helps her delive. 4. She always did whatever he asked. I figured he shouldn't be alone right now. The One When Phoebe Murders Joey. And take Phoebe. Why are you still in bed anyway, its 2pm. Joey groaned, falling back onto his bed and running a hand through his hair. get some two hours ago. Monica had witnessed his hair, short and long, wet from a recent shower and smelling magnificently of that shampoo he always bought although she'd never been able to pinpoint the exact scent. Just wanted to say. ", Rachel shrugged. wattys2017. You didnt have to get me anything, he insisted, running a hand lazily under his flowing nose. Will you let me feel your forehead? Joey looked up at him over the tissue held to his nose and nodded tiredly. Truth or dare (smut) by lillylovesfriendss. Shut up Ross. Monica touched the back of the couch just by his head. C'mon buddy, you okay?" I think you should really take some, he told his friend. Joey gave his nose a thick blow and shook his head. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). As though the action had meant nothing to her, although Monica was secretly relieved Rachel thought nothing of it - because her boyfriend was Ross, definitely because her boyfriend was Ross and not because of anything else Rachel continued speaking, completely oblivious to the tightness in Monica's cheeks. He tries everything to get more comfortable with it. he happily obliges to Joey's request. phoebebuffay chandler ross +12 more # 12 Roxie Bing | she's the one by jay 40K 823 20 evergreen funeral home live stream. Joey bursts in carrying a big bag full of videos. It didn't suit Chandler at all. (aka, Chandler's love language is gift giving), Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (193), Chandler Bing & Phoebe Buffay & Monica Geller & Ross Geller & Rachel Green & Joey Tribbiani (20), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (63), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Joey Tribbiani/Original Female Character(s), Chandler Bing & Phoebe Buffay & Monica Geller & Ross Geller & Rachel Green & Joey Tribbiani, i've been listening to the beastie boys and binging friends for 12 days send help, Episode: s02e24 The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding. ( 1-?? He stood up, stepping sideways slightly, then back, then forwards, then back to where he started. you love her you will regret it one day." The brunette tried moving away, but to no avail with nowhere to move to. Yes, she remembered the hotdog, Chandler said with an eye-roll as he started heating the soup up. The one with the made up imagines. pessoa, sobre como Chandler e Joey comearam a namorar. Rachel finds a mysterious gift left on the kitchen table. No me responsabilizo por dar spoilers, sejam de que temporada forem! Monica asks while keeping a distance from you. UNDER EDITING . Also, he had to get a good nights sleep for work on monday. Chandler sighed and stepped back. Okay, fine, Joey said with a huff, grabbing the bottle, and trying to hide a small, sheepish smile that Chandler knew meant he was really grateful but didnt want to admit it. Hockey (TOW The Girl From Poughkeepsie) 2. I told you guys, I have an audition in an hour.. Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. Joey nodded and grinned as his roommate inserted the video into the TV, one hand under his pillow and the other in front of his face as his eyes fixed on the screen. ", ." He'd moved the lounge seat back into the centre of the beige apartment to take up some room, but it still felt empty and cold. Joey looked up at him wearily. Under editing, Chandler Bing x Reader But be quiet Joeys asleep on the sofa. The One With The Overpowerment. Shouldn't you know?" They'd celebrated holidays together and lamented relationships, he was family. This is more of a close friends/pre-relationship fic, but still. He reached over without thinking and put his hand on Kaiba's forehead. Please consider turning it on! UNDER EDITING . Giovanna meets two of their new friends, Phoebe and Joey, but what happens when friends | season one - ten Chandler had tried to talk to him about it but Joey would insist that there was nothing wrong. Chandler expects his friends to give him sympathetic looks, Monica to maybe kiss him on the cheek, Ross to pat his back sympathetically. Sick Day, a friends fanfic | FanFiction Title: Sick Day Author: Katherine Hansen Rating: G Summary: Chandler gets sick. "I don't know, you're his girlfriend. Starting from "The One With the Ick Factor", I wanted to pursue a alternate path where Joey and Chandler fall in love. Thats what I meant by getting back into bed, you doofus. I dont care if I get sick so Ill watch it with you anyway. Joey? he asked, turning around to see his rain-soaked friend looking pathetically shivering in the doorway.What happened to you?. Pois, sobre isso que a histria . N new and unoriginal idea. He shook him gently, trying not to hurt him. left kudos on this work. "Rachel," Monica groaned. "Telling your best friend that you love Why was that so adorable? Well be over in our apartment if youre gonna come over when he wakes up. Seniorstatus14February 4, 2014 in Observations, Stories, & Art. Sasholotl, whatevssatan, qatter, Minimunch11, peixeroot, teachesofpeaches, mightydeafeningmouse, TheArgo2Crew, Alzgames, smokeyourgreens, Stationery_Queen, Jexachel, Carmamind_Curtis, amugglesadly, tzaikii, like_sands_of_time, athansolo, guroseinsei, MondlerLover84, OwlWolf22091, ellie_in_space, HauntingAria715, maddietexan33, Ririfiction, bakayuni, moonlightbookgirl, annesoares, unstoppable95, IntrovertedOwl, riotgrrrlswhore, mkykszjbpc, and LokisHorcrux9 ", Rachel's voice matched the pitch of Monica's, her eyes imploring and her words patronisingly slow. and cuddle on the sofa. Joey wasnt sure he cared, as Chandlers hands slid behind his back, and he wasn't sure if that made him worse.. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. "I just love it when you're in a good mood." No, Chandler, Joey called back, his voice making everything he said super adorable. He groaned as he sat up, holding his head and glaring at his roommate. Monica bent down to kiss the youngest of the group's hair before wandering over to Rachel. He may or may not have kissed his forehead, too. Chandler tilted his head back to look at Monica, looking for all the world like a little boy with wide blue eyes. He inched downwards, planting his lips onto his younger friends forehead before standing up quickly. You need it.. which he does. Rachel and Monica's old friend Giovanna moves to the city and the three friends reunite. When Joey learns that Chandler's moving out, he does everything he can to convince him to stay. Chandler frowned, wondering how Rachel had managed to make Joey happier than he had without even trying. I just started watching Friends (and I have a huge crush on Chandler), so if you wrote something I would love to read it. Joey cant help but ask about it later that day. Joey: (Excitedly) Look what I got! Anything can happen & Anything goes:Plot wise, Trope wise. The One where Chandler Pines for a Sick Joey. Come cuddle me? Chandler knew it was just the fever talking. "I don't think he cried. This is a direct sequel to Changing the Locks, so I suggest you read it first, but it's not necessary to understand the plot. Chandler Bing slowly walked up the steps to his apartment and finally walked in and lay down on the couch. Giovanna (A Joey Tribbiani Love St. by sofia. However, seven years after adopting the twins, the impossible happens. you love her you will regret it one day." "Hey," Monica called softly as she walked into Chandler's apartment. Chandler frowned again as Joeys frowny face returned. Chandler glares at her where she has settled in the chair beside the coffee table. ashburnham school committee; its his baby now political cartoon meaning; softstar primal sawyer Again. The rain still hadnt let up, and due to the rapidly approaching winter, it was already dark and hadnt even turned eight oclock yet. Joey had went to bed even earlier, being sick and all, but had taken about an hour to fall asleep- most likely due to his incessant coughing and snot-dripping nose. On May 15, 2001, she realized her first dream: to be a bride. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), 1. 1. Joey fears that hes working too hard and hes over doing it. Joeys Sick and Chandler looks after him. Chandler holds him and gives him cuddles as hes falling asleep, something like that., Cue fluff, a lot of fluff. Joey Tribbiani Taylor Swift I Wrote This While Listening to Taylor Swift's Music Dancing and Singing Album: Red (Taylor Swift) Album: folklore (Taylor Swift) Song: Fearless (Taylor Swift) I believe that if Friends was set when Taylor Swift was making music, a lot of the characters would be Swifties. Just go to sleep and- Chandler stopped short when he noticed the adorable pout on Joeys face. She wasn't proud of it, but Monica made her voice rise, almost angrily. Chandler was sitting on his couch, wrapped in his chequered robe. Im trying to sleep! Chandler called back, feigning annoyance. And she was almost certain that, if push came to shove, Chandler would pick his brother over whatever he saw her as. Joey was just cold and looking for warmth, and there was no way Chandler was going to cuddle him if he knew he didnt genuinely want to do it. Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. But I just held him against me like that until he felt better. After a one night hook up Rachel becomes pregnant with Joeys. Joey falls in love with Rachel and they end up getting married. Chandler was just drifting off to sleep when a loud groan cut through that silence, followed by a massive sneeze. "That's nice," Monica bit out. friends, chandlerbing, rachel. Mkay, Joey mumbled into Chandlers neck. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Except it meant she had no idea how Chandler was really feeling and how she could make him feel better. Joey rolled his eyes, before giving his nose a thick, heavy blow. #Filipinx4BlackLives, Title: The One where Chandler Pines for a Sick Joey. Gee, thanks, Joey said with another sniffle. What she doesn't expec Rachel and Monica's old friend Giovanna moves to the city and the three friends reunite. Whoa, man, you really dont sound good, he commented as Joey left the bathroom, leaning heavily on the wall and taking heavy breaths until he made it to the couch. I just slept for, 17 hours, Joey. as well as Monica walks into the apartment with some grocery bags in her hands. " {" ' , ' , ' -" Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. i obviously don't own FRIENDS, Rosalie Capitani finds herself outside of her ex boyfriends apartment in New York with her Daughter Emilia looking for help. taehyungification. "I've never seen anyone's eyes look so sad.". One side of his head was matted with blood, making his dark hair stick to his face. | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Mohammed Abdul | Muhammad Avdol is a Good Friend, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Spoilers, Don't try fitting into either timeline or you'll cry, Post-Episode: s4e15 The One With All the Rugby, Joey Tribbiani/Original Female Character(s)/Original Male Character(s). he gets home and he gives the gift or treat to Joey who wonders what hes done to deserve this gift or treat. *Contains slash. gianna tribbiani. The other surrounded the pair, aweing at the sleeping man. Joey doesn't share food! She stopped at the first coffee shop she saw, it was called "Central Perk". Whether it was so he could gesture more emphatically or help with grunt work, cold or hot, those sleeves of his were always coming up. Only things don't go as smoothly as planned. In 2021, Chandler Bing is 53 years old and Monica Geller is 51 years old. This is the first out of ten books I am planning to write. ", Monica made her tone condescending to match Rachel's. He was drowning in love, and it was unmistakable. Found potential "Here, I made you some soup." Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandler's hand leaving his hair. Chandler Bing x fem!OC I thought today would be normal but little did i know that when i walked in to the coffe shop i would meet my soulmate. I forgot how nasty that stuff was, he said with a sniffle. I fell asleep at 9 last night and didnt wake up until just now. Joey frowned. There, he's kidnapped by a man named Dio Brando and given powers beyond his imagination to kill Dio's enemies. I can't find much Friends sick fics anywhere, all the ones I find with sick Monica, Rachel or Phoebe they wind up being pregnant, and I've only found 1 sick fic with Joey and he wound up having cancer! Naomi is a small town girl on her way to the Big Apple. he gets home and he gives the gift or treat to Joey who wonders what hes done to deserve this gift or treat. "Honey, I'm home!" Would it really hurt him to pick his poor, sick friend up some NyQuil? After the success of Changing the Locks, the story in which Chandler and Joey's love affair is discovered by their groups of friends, comes Happiness! Joey has an audition in which he has to kiss a man. tonymonroe, the youngest geller falls in love with the charming tribbiani Joey stopped shuffling, the smile returning to his face. Joey cant sleep. The One Where Joey Sleeps With Monica And Chandler's Daughter. "Better than he was yesterday, I think," Ross commented sincerely. 5. Joey is a teacher at a Middle School. I'm debating on writing thisso , would anyone here read a Friends fanfiction if it was posted? Chandler flicked the light switch off, closing his eyes and settling into Joeys grasp. There are a lot of views on fanfictions of any sort; someone is going to end up reading it and liking it. Just until you fall asleep, he warned as he crawled into bed beside Joey, who instantly clung to him and pulled him close. Read Sick- Chandler from the story Friends Imagines by 0nlyAngelx (Angel) with 15,325 reads. He has been, all his life. No, it wouldnt. She waited for Ross to comment on the action, he had a full view of it, after all. #38 in friends. Chandler tells him that he should go to bed and that he should have a nap. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. At least thats what she tells herself. Chandler really 'clicks' with a girl and despite a slight hiccup, they decide to meet.When Janice shows up, Chandler decides he has to take this shot.This must mean something, right? Monica has to work on Valentine's Day while everyone else has a date. Im cold, Joey whined. Chandler stepped into the foyer of his apartment building, shaking off his umbrella. Unedited She deflated a little, but not much, when she saw the dejected twist of his lips. The warm feeling of one of Chandler's sweaters is filling up your body as you lay on the couch of Monica's appartment. By the end of the film, Joey was sleeping soundly, Chandlers hand still resting atop of his head, fingers entwined with the dark hair. Okay, fine- but its not gonna be all night, okay? She had known it when she had left Chandler with Rachel and Ross and she was almost happy to have been proven correct.
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