More, NOS 17-5/8" Wavy Coulter Blade Item # B45-1121 $42.24 Quick View Add to Cart 14" Concave Drill Disc Blade Item # B45-3045 $23.91 Quick View Add to Cart 18" Flat Drill Disc For JD Air Drills Item # B45-3049 $60.72 Quick View Add to Cart 18" Flat Drill Disc For JD Air Drills Item # B45-3049F $51.65 Quick View Add to Cart DRILL DISC ASSEMBLY 13"- JD plow coulters international harvester international harvester 3 Available Products SH469191R3 - Fluted Coulter Blade 17" dia., 6 hole pattern with 3-1/4" bolt circle. This coulter blade bearing assembly is used on many Ford New Holland moldboard plows equipped with anti-friction style coulters. 16" Notched - with 211, 3 Rivet Hubs, measures 15" Fits 330, 335VT - 475, 496, 3800, 3850, 3900, 3950, 340, and 345 disk with 7-1/2 inch spacing. "Double 45's", NOS one new & one with 1/8" wear, NOS B45-1183 FL207OL FLUTED COULTER . CBS-1SA Coulter blades require versatile, they need to stay sharp and, most importantly, indestructible. used Blade PO19619, NOS At Quality Farm Supply, we strive to be The Go-To Source for the Get-Go Farmer. Whether you need parts for production agriculture, farm supplies, or tractor parts, our huge selection of over 30,000 SKUs includes tractor parts, combine parts, cotton harvesting parts, disc harrow blades and parts, planter parts, tillage parts, bearings, hydraulics and much more. Each option is available with a variety of coulter blades including Ripple Blades, Straight-Edge Blades, and Plain Coulter Blades Check out our Ingersoll concave disc harrow blades, as well as Osmundson Turbo and Samurai disc blades. Injector assembly, nozzle holder, rock guard assembly and knife mounting bracket are included only as mentioned in kit contents. For John Deere and Great Plains. lbs. 17" Notched Shoup Manufacturing is a trusted source for original quality or OEM replacement parts for agricultural equipment, including tractors, planters, grain drills, combines, balers, cultivators, discs, sprayers and more. Terms of Use Also same as # 524459R11, Good Used - Sandblasted & Primed Learn More. Higher crop yields, shrinking planting windows, and bigger and faster tools make design and manufacturing processes more crucial. includes Set Screw Shop our selection of white/oliver, ford products. Item Code: 845-P20505; Brand: Ingersoll; Login for Availability; Weight: 17.00 lbs; Login for Price . 521511R11 IH Moldboard Plow Rolling Coulter Blade Assy. Choose Options. More, NEW More, NOS more, .cls-1 { 20" x 4.5mm, Dual 4 Bolt 3-11/16" Pilot, Smooth Edge Fluted Coulter Blades (CF124591A1)$56.51. WP15320012R. used with 521473R1, 521489R1, 521490R1, & 521479R1 Our coulter parts and blades include spindles, snap rings and more. New Coulter Disc Bearing for Ford New Holland Moldboard Plows Equipped with Anti-Friction Style Coulter. Uses SMA28184 (AA28184) bearing. good to use for 519093R1 on Concave Coulters fits many one Arm Coulters, NOS An improved coulter assembly ( 10 ) includes a rotatable coulter blade ( 12 ) and a supporting assembly ( 14 ) having a parallel linkage arm assembly ( 34 ) and an active piston and cylinder assembly ( 58 ). More, Good Used Take-off's Combination Joiner 516712R91 used for 18" blade, 1.25" dia. Notched Coulter 475mm wide to suit Gaspardo. Our Price: $10.00. . . high speed discs. used up to 1969, Uses Nylock Nut, Not Castle Nut, Good Used RARE - RARE - - LEFT Kits can be ordered with the 30 degree locking collar and full hardware package. plain coulter blade CASE 84389195/6 series for seed drills universal Diameter: 14 in Benefits: Thanks to the patented technology of Bellota, both warping and flatness are 100% guaranteed in all assemblies. Properly adjusted coulters enable a moldboard plow to do the best job possible and even reduce the draft (amount of power) required to pull the plow. 204-219L. lbs. QX 17" or 20" Blade, * Order with Back Swept or Forward 549827R92 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Hub & Spindle Assy. Part #: 110351. Our heavy duty assemblies have automotive bearings and marine seals to ensure the greased bearing remain sealed, clean and easily serviced. - Double 115 degree Bends More, NOS The assembly ( 14 ) serves to maintain the blade ( 12 ) at a depth of at least about four inches, in order to prevent clogging of the assembly ( 10 ) during use. 114-223618SSA-Coulter Blade . (1) 20 x 4.0mm SMOOTH EDGE RIPPLE COULTER BLADE (Blade Only) Mounting parts and injection assembly options also available. used in 1928 - 30. 1.5" Dia., 18" Long, 4" Offset, Good Used, Sandblasted & Primed lbs. PO 1382IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Set Collar, PO 15528A IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Shank, PO 20178A IH Moldboard Plow StationaryJoiner Shank. used with 541482R1 Housings N346 Series coulter assembly options offer basic N346 sub-assembly units or full kits with locking collars, hardware and straight or offset coulter shanks. Fits Late Series GP Drills Bearing is recessed from the back of the blade edge. OFFSET5-Hole 20" 91 Allis Chalmers Advertising Brochures & Manuals, Cub Cadet Advertising Brochures & Manuals, IH/ Farmall Advertising Brochures & Manuals, J.I. includes 523025R2 (PO11601) Blade, 211 Hubs, 512910R92 Yoke, 515797R1 Bracket, & More, NEW A ( US :) colter / (British:) coulter (Latin 'culter' = 'knife') is a vertically mounted component of many ploughs that cuts an edge about 7 inches (18 cm) deep ahead of a plowshare. em: 'insert_email_variable' NTC5W13 - Shoup No-Till Coulter. New Coulter Disc Bearing for Ford New Holland Moldboard Plows Equipped with Anti-Friction Style Coulter. Snow Plow Blade; Snow Pusher; Soil Conditioner; Soil Pulverizer; Stump Grinder; 3rd Function Hydraulic Valve; . RARE - RARE - - LEFT Brand New. lbs. . JOHN DEERE PLOW COULTER ROLLING CUTTER $149.99 $89.99 shipping JOHN DEERE PLOW COULTER ROLLING CUTTER $149.99 $69.99 shipping Only 1 left! CBS-1S 22" x 6.5mm Directional Coulter Blades 12 Wave (CT136542) $145.28 Choose Options Compare 20" x 5mm Directional Coulter Blades 20 Wave, Replaces Great Plains 820-261C (CT125040) $94.29 INTERCHANGE: 845-VT205012, 845-VT20500518, 4463, VT205012, 4468, 820-261C, VT205018, VT20500518 (Can be used to replace Great Plains 820-261C), T205012SRE 16"- 3 Rivet - 211 Hubs Our coulter parts and blades include spindles, snap rings and more. inside is 523020R3, NEW INTERCHANGE:A17094, A33066, N233826, 443627A1, 28341R1, T54196, SBP219537B, 845-R20451, 845-R204510, 845-R204511, 845-R204512S, 30-251, 20450DMI-B, 16-050-004, R20451, 44 3173, 44-3173, 33500043, 443173, 33502043, INTERCHANGE:A17094, A33066, N233826, 686-F20177IH, 845-F20177H, 845-F204512, 972-F20177JD, 972-F20177JDM, F20177IH, F20177H, F20177JD, F20177JDM, WF20177P,F20177FD-6, F20177IHN, F20177MF, F20177MLWR, F20177MWO, INTERCHANGE:F20177MLWR (Can be used on Blu-Jet, DMI, Melroe, Wil-Rich),F20197F, F22197JDM, All prices are in USD | 2023 Wearparts LLC. Spring Loaded Swivel Coulter trunion housing and bearing assembly for summers and vti - 2" round bore. Separately. 93 . WAVY COULTER 8 WAVE DISC BLADES PLAIN DISC NOTCHED DISC CONICAL DISC FLAT CENTER DISC DOME DISC / CENTER LESS RAISED FLAT BACK DISC FLUTED DISC FILLER DISC COULTERS PLAIN COULTER FLUTED COULTER (No of flutes: 25, 50, 60) WAVY COULTER 8 WAVE (No. Enter your email address to receive occasional updates. Navigation . NEW more SH474252 - Fluted Coulter Blade 20" dia., 6 hole pattern with 3-1/4" bolt circle. PO 26638A IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Shank, PO 2689 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Shank Collar, PO10401 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Blade W/Hubs, PO1160 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Yoke Clamp. Model: D7G. Complete with 17" or 20" Blade, * Q 719 5-Bolt Hub - See (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': subsoiler/ripper. Next. Quality Farm Supply offers a huge inventory of disc blades, coulter blades, vertical tillage blades, Kelly Diamond harrows and every replacement part available for virtually any make and model tractor disc. Ship to your address: FREE pickup in store:: View Details. Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2017. Our stock includes plain-edged, notched edge and raised-flat center disc blades. Checkout our digital catalog by clicking here! Add to Cart. Pick up coulter assemblies and more when you shop our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. Hub Castings are NOT Worn Thin from More, NOS - Rare 18 INCH X 9 GAUGE SMOOTH DISC BLADE WITH 1 SQ X 1-1/8 SQ AXLE, 18 INCH X 9 GAUGE NOTCHED DISC BLADE WITH 1 SQ X 1-1/8 SQ AXLE, 15" LIFT X 5,000 LB, TOP WIND TUBE MOUNT ROUND TUBE BULLDOG JACK, 18 INCH X 7 GAUGE NOTCHED DISC BLADE WITH 1 SQ X 1-1/8 SQ AXLE, TRUNION HOUSING AND BEARING ASSEMBLY FOR SUNFLOWER / LANDOLL - 1-3/4" ROUND BORE REPLACES SN3090 / 140477, 16 INCH X 11 GAUGE SMOOTH DISC BLADE WITH 1 SQ X 1-1/8 SQ AXLE, 24 INCH X 1/4 INCH SMOOTH DISC BLADE WITH 1-1/2 INCH SQUARE AXLE, 24 INCH X 1/4 INCH NOTCHED DISC BLADE WITH 1-1/2 INCH SQUARE AXLE, 20 INCH X 7 GAUGE SMOOTH DISC BLADE WITH 1 SQ X 1-1/8 SQ AXLE, 1-3/4" ROUND BORE DISC BEARING FOR CASE IH VT DISC. Shank Holder A coulter disc with a hub riveted to it usually sells for more than $100 each unless you can . subs to 469191R31, NEW PO 10142 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Blade Assy. used 523019R1 Housing more SH122567C1 - Fluted Coulter Blade COULTER BLADES 71 products Display: 12 per page Sort by: Featured View AgSmart 1-3/4 INCH ROUND DISC BEARING KIT SKU: 851-SMA30941 For John Deere and Great Plains. disc harrow & coulter blades. Free shipping. lbs. 521506R1 IH Moldboard Plow Rolling Coulter Support Plate Assy. Fits 330, 335VT - 490, 496, 3800, 3850, 3900, 3950, 340, 345, and 370 disk. 921-005 AP $ 97.95 New two shown for clarity Coulter Blades (Order Only) N342-P 20 x 4.0mm PLAIN BLADE Includes: (1) 20 x 4.0mm PLAIN COULTER BLADE (Blade Only) Smooth blade tillage option - easy mounting. Fits Plows from 60 & 70's, Good Used, Sandblasted & Primed $28.15 Sold out Quantity: Sold out Quick view Bulldog 15" LIFT X 5,000 LB, TOP WIND TUBE MOUNT ROUND TUBE BULLDOG JACK SKU: 402-178151 TWL 178 DTSF W/P&C INTERCHANGE:114-SMA30573, 87630573 CNH, SH87573, 47654439, 87630573, SMA30573, VTC2015FLC (Has raised flat center, 1-1/4" concavity, fits 1-1/2" round axle. plows. PO 20274 IH Moldboard Plow Coulter Blade Assy. Add to Wishlist; Only fits 1-F11 & 101 Plows (One Point -Two Way Plows) 10.4 lbs. disc harrow & coulter blades. . CBS-1 NOT SA -140, NOS Engine Rear Main Seal for International 274 and 284 Tractors, 1436035R1, FREE SHIPPING!!! Just call us. 208-717-9671. CBS-1 4-Hole disc harrow & coulter blades disc harrow & vt parts vertical tillage high speed discs harrows cultivators plows subsoiler/ripper fertilizer knives ditcher parts agrituf tillage chromium carbide tool bar & box blade tiller blade protectant. 1 to 24 of 36 results. lbs. includes Hub # SA1346 Used with 101189 & 101191. SKILLINGS SUPPLIES, INC. 937-845-8781 or 800-358-8070 PLANTER / DRILL SEED DISC OPENERS 14" SIZE THICKNESS APPLICATION BEARING TYPE PRICE 13.5"4.0 MM. SKU: RAN-ITD6194 . 13" L - 3" Offset - 1.5" Dia. Includes Shank, Good Used - Sandblasted & Primed WHITE 5100/ GREAT PLAINS Type the characters you see in the picture above. Designed for Monosem planter openers, the 2960-039-MW No-Till Coulter features a multi-wave blade, lightly tilling the soil and increasing seed opener life. The Gates Coulter disk provides an unmatched value with excellent field performance in wet or dry conditions, travel speeds from 6 to 10 mph, plus implement sizes from 24 to 56 ft. "1/2022 Just got off the phone with Mike, thanks buddy, this has to be THE ONLY HONEST BUSINESS", "Best service on the web, order was out the same day. In stock: 5 item(s . Quick View Yetter No-Till Coulter for Kinze and JD 7000, 7100 Quick View YETTER VTA
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