The retail price was increased by $10.00. Identifying antique Victrola record players is an easy process. Very few pieces were manufactured. Sometimes the conditions of Victrola record players are affected by aging. sound distorted, and the record will wear out very quickly. C $5.42. Most 78 RPM records have a The safest way is to wind the coil by hand (pict.43). From high end precision phonographs to childrens basic record player models, including the very popular RCA 45 rpm players. RECOTON Needles w/ Envelope $26.95 1 bid $4.00 shipping 4d 16h 1930's "his master's voice" wind up gramophone in excellent working condition $150.00 $21.69 shipping or Best Offer Dust is the number one enemy of Victrola record players. This type of Victrola is also known as an Electrola. It was produced in the 1920s for a short period. Your piece of history will be treated as if it were one of our own family heirlooms; with courteous service, experienced technicians and the highest quality parts available on the market today. Something went wrong. By 1924, business began to sour with the advent of competition from radio. won't play. Two years later Columbia Records introduced the first double-sided phonograph records. That information can be found on our Operational costs were steep, particularly the payments to ATT for use of its landlines, and by the end of 1927, Columbia Phonograph wanted out. Columbia Records, an Edison competitor, had stopped marketing cylinders in 1912. A model identification number, as well as a serial number, is always stamped on the bottom left and right of the data plate, respectively. one of those early competing companies. Recitals were also conducted to prove the merit of the discs. when put up against some of the newly-introduced competing phonographs that were Our expertise coupled with modern technology allows us to do what most repair facilities cannot. provided far better sound-quality than any of the earlier Victrola models, with The design of the Orthophonic was informed by progress in telephony and transmission-line theory. plenty of good reading material is available online. Works well. Sometimes, even the smallest accumulation of dust can distort the sound. Advertising for these models made it clear that the players themselves were the same as lower-priced models; the inflated cost was for the cabinet. Especially when compared to the earlier Edison wax cylinders, the new "records" were much more durable, could be played over and over again, and were easy to share.. ~George Thurston/Rick's Restorations. The term "orthophonic" had previously been used in connection with speech therapy; an 1870 book mentions a therapist who "devised a series of orthophonic exercises to restore the harmony between nervous action and the organs of articulation. These machines were identified as "Consolette" on It was the very first portable design and was produced in 1928. In case of corroded dataplates, or very tiny serial numbers, clean the plate with fine steel wool to remove the rust and make the figures visible. Most common radio/phono consoles that you come across in basements In the early 1950s, the memory of the Orthophonic was fresh enough for RCA Victor to introduce the name "New Orthophonic" for its improved recording process and line of high-fidelity long-playing records and "Stereo-Orthophonic" was applied to RCA Victor's celebrated "Living Stereo" recordings issued later in the decade. It was the first tabletop model manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company. machines, with rather poor sound quality. Postal address / Shipping address "highly valuable", even though they may be over 100 years old. Dont make the mistake of checking only the asking price, as most of this information is often inflated by the sellers. Many entrepreneurs jumped onto the phonograph manufacturing bandwagon in the The early disc issues contained the Edison trademark, Edison's image, the title of the selection, and the composer, all pressed into the glossy black surface of the disc using a half-tone electrotype. It wasnt until Victor partnered with the RCA that things brightened up again. Please return to the 1980's. became much lighter to reduce record wear. cylinder record (right) was the original invention of Thomas Edison in 1877, and While our goal is to keep all of the pieces we work on as . electric (VE) 4-3 is. The Edison Company produced a series of period models to compete with those of the Victor Company. The Department of War never purchased any, but individual units bought them, some taking them overseas. Thomas Edison had invented the cylinder larger cabinet with a modern, high-quality appearance (picture on right). . People sometimes mistake the Victor phonograph with the Victrola record players. Some of these paper stickers have fallen off or become damaged over the years. So, when the fire damage was fixed, the factory decided to start labeling from 1 again. issues with each other. All antique Victrola by Victor Talking Machine Company was created from 1901 to 1939, about 120 years ago. Just like "Chevrolet" does not mean any By the latter half of the 20s, the company started to diversify its interests in an attempt to stay viable. When the company first began production, the phonographs were labeled with serial number 1, which indicates they were produced in 1901, 2 for 1902, and 3 for 1903. The aim was to produce a superior-sounding disc that would outperform the rivals' shellac records, which were prone to wear and warping. A $650 "Victrola-Electrola" incorporated a "two-way valve" allowing both "Orthophonic as well as electrical reproduction," while the $1000 ($14,820 in 2020 dollars) "Orthophonic VictrolaRadiola and Electrola" had it all, including an eight-tube Radiola Super-Heterodyne [sic].[5]. Berliner moved his operations to Montreal Canada, and sold machines under the of machines RESOURCES page. lots of information here about Victor By 1905, the Victrola was officially invented. increased to a full 12", and a vastly improved double-spring motor In the early weeks of operating alone, Johnson decided to aggressively advertise his record players on printed mediums like magazines and newspapers. 1928 Victor Victrola Record Player- VV 4-20 Condition: Used Time left: 3d 23h | Tuesday, 10:35 AM Starting bid: US $200.00 [ 0 bids ] Bid Amount Enter US $200.00 or more Price: US $350.00 No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+* Add to Watchlist Pickup: Free local pickup from Parker, Colorado, United States. the lower cost, ease of storage and continually improving performance made the Berliner If you come across an antique with no data plate or no sign that the data plate was removed, the piece could be a replica. Our extensive list of returning and satisfied customers leaves us confident that you will find us to be the #1 industry leader and service provider in whom you can place your trust. disc the dominant audio reproduction medium. The speaker is a RCA model 100A, the same as recommended for early Radiola 18s. database shows the earliest existent Consolette (4-3) to be S/N 932 and the One of our radio-movie venture includes The Lost City staring Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray. The Victor Orthophonic Victrola, first demonstrated publicly in 1925, was the first consumer phonograph designed specifically to play electrically recorded phonograph records. which had already been delivered to dealers or wholesalers would have retained the earlier Need help with shipping your radio, phonograph or Turntable? The sounds were produced by the vibrations of the sound waves against the metal needle at the top of the wax. This sticker gives information about the patent and copyright dates. First and foremost, most If the record player is authentic, confirm all parts are still complete. But it was Emile Berliner, not Edison, who developed the commercial disc machine known as the gramophone. We at For Your Listening Pleasure would like to visually introduce ourselves. In addition, we have provided many antique radios, vintage televisions and antique phonographs that were featured in local and national exhibits including; the movie Liebestraum and The Collectors Guide to Antique Radios books, and the Sertoma million dollar antique show. Many people come to this site via Google or Yahoo looking for information on He later settled on folding the horn downward in the large space beneath the turntable. ref.5: Many people who are still using their record players can testify that the sound quality of these classics is way better than most of the cutting-edge new-tech record players. How many collectors are interested in it? With Berliner's flat disc invention, hundreds of audio recordings were produced like prints. These changes did not measurably improve business, and on October 21, orders were given to close the Edison disc business, with the company stating that it would focus on the manufacture of its radio-phonographs in the future. One notices that the horn of the 2-55 is made from the . The initials VV is short for Victor-Victrola. Machine Company of Camden, New Jersey (who later made the "Victrola") was just with one another. Edison withdrew from the phonograph business completely in 1929, and at the same time, Victors disc playersmost notably the Victrolasbegan to dominate the market. Before 1901 ended, Johnson had started including a picture of the acclaimed dog and phonograph, alias Nipper, on all products being sent out. but those machines are not true "Victrolas" in the antique-phonograph sense. looked and sounded somewhat anemic in comparison . Refresh your browser window to try again. does not mean any old phonograph. Our expertise coupled with modern technology allows us to do what most repair facilities cannot. boatload. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab, Pristine 1927 Victor Victrola VV 2-60 Portable Suitcase Phonograph/Gra, - for PayPal Credit, opens in a new window or tab, about earning points with eBay Mastercard, Report this item - opens in new window or tab. "[4], List prices ranged from $95 ($1400 in 2020 dollars) to $300 depending on cabinetry. It was a significantly modernized machine from its predecessor, with a sleeker low-profile wood case, an angle-mounted crank, and an Orthophonic soundbox. Rick Dale is very pleased with your work, as I am. inexpensively duplicated by pressing them from a master disc, similar Like other antique forms, it is expected that the condition of most of these record players shows signs of aging. It has the number 71605 under the turntable, with the word Victrolita. (zoned commercial) depending on demand and condition. Western Electric demonstrated their process to the two leading recording companies, Victor and Columbia, who were initially unwilling to adopt it because they realized it would make their entire existing record catalogs obsolete. In addition, he decided to change the business from Consolidated Talking Machine Company to The Victor Talking Machine Company in October 1901. for use with shellac records operating between 76 and 80 RPM. soundbox in the same room. To improve fidelity, the use of brittle shellac material to a printing press, and it offered the advantage of having music available on Edison entered into the radio business in 1928 by taking over the Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Company of Newark, a move which allowed him to produce radio-phonographs. Performed Alignment. Last photo shows some wood pealing, chipping. This phonograph has a 10" turntable and single-spring . Versions intended for Latin America will have 'slats' in the latest is S/N 8601. To determine the rarity of a record player, you must be able to answer these questions. Edison marketed and sold technology of cylinder records goes way beyond the scope of this website, but Thanks a million." Of Thanks Scott! It's fully rare antique phonograph that has some real collector value. You won't find it here. Please late-production versions, the sound was greatly improved via the introduction of a re-entrant (folded) design, resulting in better bass response. with one another. devoted to pre-1929 Victor Talking Machine products only. flat disc record was designed and manufactured by Emile Berliner Confirm whether it is in original condition or has been restored (entirely or partially). No gain or equalization adjustments have been made. It appeared that the company had finally found a profitable outlet. Victrola Empire Signature 6-in-1 Wood Mid Century Modern Bluetooth Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable, CD, Cassette Player and Radio (Renewed) 4.4 (138) $28735. Out of the numerous antique record players being collected, the Victrola record players caught our attention. If you are searching for the right place with the right experience to send your phonograph, turntable or 45 player, youve found it, give us a call or click here Record player repair for more information. The design of this piece embodies the companys acclaimed floor style.. RCA had started its Radiola line of radios in 1924 with an unprecedented advertising campaign. collecting phonographs, and simply want to unload an old Victor or Victrola that you found FYLP Restorations has been providing quality antique radio repair and restorations for clients worldwide for over 50 years. Victor Victrola VV-VI a Phonograph Talking Machine Cast Iron Interior Horn~hs Pre-Owned $24.95 Buy It Now +$19.95 shipping Sponsored Vtg Victor Victrola VV VE 4-20X Phonograph Cabinet Front Grill Horn Cover Pre-Owned $46.95 or Best Offer +$10.00 shipping Sponsored Antique Victor Victrola Phonograph VV-IX Interior Horn Mahogany Grill Fins~vv The wonderful wall type high-boy cabinet is made from walnut with black banded front, ornate metal speaker grille and turned legs. these machines were produced, however the serial numbers of surviving examples They made many hundreds of millions of them, and they still show-up by the This website is These pickups need all to be rebuilt, and most of them need a new coil as well. Consolette (later referred to as the 4-3) was one of four premiere ", "Received good suggestions and ideas concerning my project. Orthophonic parts. The first batch of Victrolas sold quickly, and Victor started producing the second batch. From 1918 - 1928 era. Even if you play a 1940's 78 RPM record on an early Victrola, it will The Consolette was positioned as the lowest-priced horn opening, and will use the older style Victrola No. Legal Comparing these results will provide an excellent foundation to establish your antiques worth. First, they proposed using flat discs rather than waxed cylinders; thereafter, they modified the size of the sound players to be smaller and compact. The Victor Talking Machine Company introduced the 1-1 in April 1925. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. You can't play anything but They are priced much higher than regular models. in inventory and waiting to be shipped, for a "retrofitted upgrade"; however, machines Only about 16'000 7-26 have been produced, that is 7 times less than the number of RE-45 (ref.6) and 30 times less than the number of Ford A Roadsters, which today sell for around $20 Grand. For pedants only: In late December 1925, a grille cloth It should be noted again that "Victrola" brand portable phonographs are Always clean every part of the machine, especially the parts where dust can hide. A few Victrolas are labeled with model names rather than roman numerals. information is already covered on this site. It was founded in 1901 by machinist and electric (VE) 4-3 is S/N 740 and the Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these sales. Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. If Victor Talking Machine Company advertisement, Last edited on 18 September 2022, at 00:15, Victor Talking Machine Company: Electrical recording era, Youtube video: Victor Orthophonic Vicrola, Credenza model, playing "No More Worryin" by Paul Whiteman and his orchestra,, This page was last edited on 18 September 2022, at 00:15. from the plant due to the collapse of phonograph sales during that timeframe. far between. No personal information is required. Since Edison's designs and You can find out more about your Victor machine by reading through these pages. In the 1920's people started to abandon listening to phonographs and tried, with their early battery sets, to tune-in all the new radio stations. The Consolette's underpowered motor, small $375 "Victrolas with Radiola" incorporated a "five-tube Radiola tuned radio frequency receiver with orthophonic reproduction." The VV 2-55 was an incredibly popular portable 'suitcase' phonograph introduced in the spring of 1928, replacing the discontinued VV 2-60. context of having high value, as there are simply too many of them still around. For a detailed list of our antique radio repair procedures please visit ourantique radio repair page by using the services link to see what we can do for you. Whats more, this merged company remains one of the dominators in the music industry. *Rare* Vintage 1928 Victor Victrola VV 2-35 Portable Suitcase Style Phonograph $1,000.00 Free shipping Victor # 2 Gold phonograph Rebuilt reproducer $37.16 + $11.75 shipping Victor Victrola VV-35 Portable Phonograph Record Player $199.99 + $27.39 shipping Victor Victrola Phonograph Portable Suitcase Model VV 2-55 parts motor $100.00 vs. the early Consolette. This "Orthophonic Victrola VV.I-70" disc phonograph was manufactured in the USA in 1926 by the Victor Company. Photograph of Thomas A. Edison listening to the New Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph. Aylsworth molded phenol and formaldehyde mixed with wood-flour and a solvent into a heat-resistant disc. In 1917 when the U.S. became involved in World War I, the Edison Company created the Army and Navy Model in answer to a request for machines from the United States Army Depot Quartermaster in New York. In order to bolster claims of superiority, Edison claimed that his records could be played 1,000 times without wear. We pair modern technology such as: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Molding and CAD Design to re- create, in house, the parts we need. The numbers were reset again for unknown reasons in 1909. possible that the factory pulled-back those Consolette machines, which were still even today, most of these old phonographs are not considered "rare" in the The current survival We don't sell parts or For a description of the Orthophonic machine concepts, please refer As already mentioned in my Victor RE-45 documentation (ref.4) the Electrola pickup in all cases has to be rebuilt, because two rubber dampers have deteriorated and must be replaced. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. defended by competitors, all vying to sell more phonographs. These This record player had variable turntable speeds to accommodate the already wide range of records being produced at the time.
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